Private Tuition

At C Natural Music Service, we firmly believe that music is something to share with everyone, not just something that should be learnt at school. If music is something that you want to learn outside of school, or if you are amongst us whose school days are but a memory, then private tuition is for you!

What Can I Learn?

If you want to learn an instrument, there is a range to choose from! -

If you feel like trying your hand at strings, we offer Violin and Viola.

If woodwind is more your thing, we can teach you Clarinet, Flute or even Saxophone.

If you prefer to try your hand(s) at tinkling the ivories, we offer lessons in Piano and Keyboard

We also offer additional Music Theory tuition to help you build up that knowledge of Music, which is also a requirement in exams.

What Does C Natural Offer?

We offer lessons from 30 minutes upwards, which we will discuss with you dependent on your level and personal preferences.

Why you are learning is up to you! You can either -

Learn for EXAMS and work through a syllabus, working up through the grades! This involves working through exams to get officially certified at a certain grade (ABRSM and Trinity Guildhall).


Learn for PLEASURE and just work to build up your repertoire and musical ability! This is good for people who are not interested in grades, and instead just want to play for your own (and others) enjoyment as a hobby.

Contact us for information on Prices and further details...

Currently Offering:

  • Violin

  • Viola

  • Clarinet

  • Flute

  • Saxophone

  • Piano

  • Keyboard

  • Theory