Here are some testimonials from just some of our students that will help to give you a basic idea of what it is like to be a CNMS student -

"I always look forward to going to each lesson that I have with Carrie, as she doesn't make you feel uncomfortable and the lessons are always so fun. Carrie is down to earth and due to this, you never feel under pressure. When I had my first exam, I thought it was going to turn out bad and was very nervous, however, I had full support from a great teacher"

Silan - Violin Student

"I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument and chose the clarinet because it has such a beautiful sound. However, when I turned up to my first lesson, I couldn't make a sound! After half an hour, not only was I making sounds, I was also playing little tunes. I was thrilled. Since then, I have made lots of progress and it's all down to Carrie. You're challenged but in a relaxed and friendly environment. My lesson is on a Friday evening and after a week at work, it's 30 minutes of joy!"

Kate - Mature Clarinet Student

"My nine-year old daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Carrie and is responding well to excellent and patient tuition."

Tanya - Parent of a Flute Student

"I have been taught violin by Carrie for over a year, during this time I have improved my skills at playing the violin, my confidence and my ability to sight-read music. Carrie is very approachable and encouraging, I enjoy the lessons and have learnt a lot."

Tom - Violin Student

"Carrie is a lovely inspirational lady who always makes you feel welcome, she is kind and caring"

Sara - Clarinet Student

"Having picked up an instrument as part of my "bucket list of things to do now I'm 40" I'm glad that my daughter and I have a shared enthusiasm for music. Carrie has made our lessons fun and always makes us feel welcome and like we are her sole priority"

Alison Staton - Mature Alto Saxophone Student and Parent of a Flute Student

"Best. Sax. Teacher. Ever!"

Chris Brindley - Saxophone Student

"Without the help of Jodie I would not have been able to achieve a pass in my grade 5 theory. Thank you for boosting my confidence when it had been crushed."

Dan Blood - Music Theory Student

"Jodie is a great tutor. Mad as a hatter, but that means we have fun and lots of laughs whilst learning! Really happy with all my improvements. Thank you!"

John Morley - Mature Piano Student

"Ellie really enjoys her piano sessions and thinks that Jodie is "AWESOME". I love the fact that lessons are taught at a pace that suits Ellie, and in turn her confidence has grown leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for inspiring Ellie and her Nanny Gel to play such a wonderful instrument!"

Mrs. Mel Trewekee - Parent of Piano Student

"Thank you for making the piano so enjoyable and fun."

Geraldine - Mature Piano Student

"Carrie is an excellent teacher - She is patient and allows you, as a student, to take the lessons at a pace you are comfortable with."

Tom Allt - Violin Student

"Emma joined C Natural for a little help with her Grade 2 Clarinet. The support was so brilliant that we stayed! Emma now loves playing the clarinet, whereas before it was not as enjoyable for her."

Barbara Tunney - Parent of Clarinet Student

"They must be good to keep a 13 year old boy engaged and enthusiatic every Saturday morning and he always wants to go back"

Ian Brindley - Parent of a Saxophone Student who attends the C Natural Ensemble

"Thank you Carrie for developing Hannah's flute playing and her love for music. Your kindness and encouragement brings out the best in her and we are thrilled with the progress she has made with you as her teacher"

Sarah and Terry McManus - Parents of a Flute Student

"I love my piano lessons with Carrie. She teaches me loads and makes it really fun. She is fantastic"

Daniall Leese - Piano Student

"Lola has developed a real love for piano since Jodie has started teaching her. She has grown in skill and the concerts help her, as a nervous child, to build in confidence"

Mrs Rackley - Parent of a Piano Student

"Your standard of teaching is excellent and I really enjoy my lessons"

Zoe - Violin and Saxophone Student

"Thanks very much for all of the lessons - you're a great teacher"

Amelia - Violin and Piano Student

"Excellent Carrie & Jodie. Thanks for all the opportunities given to Ranudi"

Buddhika - Parent of a Violin Student

"I really enjoy my lessons with Carrie"

Sara McGraw - Clarinet Student

"This orchestra is amazing! Thank you for teaching me Carrie and Jodie"

Abbey - Violin Student